This past week, I joined twelve other campus ministers in Santa Barbara for a Retreat. One of the “assignments” of the retreat was to finish something. The director asked us to pick a project and finish something. It didn’t have to be perfect – just done. Some people were intimidated by this assignment because they could not decide what to do  and had no guidelines about what would make it a success. Some grasped the opportunities by the horns. One women said – I’ve never painted but maybe this is the time to start.

When was the last time you finished something? Not a work project, but just something for you. Although traditionally Sabbath Practice in the bible was about refraining from work, I believe in renewing our Sabbath Practice in 2017 we might consider grabbing our creativity by the horns and finishing something that brings us joy. Maybe the final product isn’t perfect, but the journey made us grow closer with God.