Retreat Themes

What could a retreat look like?

Sabbath Retreats – Time to rest and recharge. These retreats can feature times of silence, conversation, reflection, table fellowship (with good food!), scripture reading, music, and journaling.

Sabbath for Creation – This retreat also allows for personal rest, but also reflection on how rest effects all creation. Why do we need rest for our body? Why do we need rest for the earth? What obstacles lie in the way of you and others to rest in our world today?

Art and Faith – Does creativity bring you energy? Want to reconnect with the God who made everything beautiful? This retreat will include directed art activities that will connect you with yourself, with God, and with other participants.

Call and Vocation – Let’s explore a new way to understand calling that lives within every place and relationship we encounter. This retreat will include an exploration of past understanding of calling, debunking myths, activities to help us embrace new ideas about calling, and a time of reflection.

Women’s retreats – Want to explore the stories of women of faith? This retreat explores a theme of faith (trust, grace, courage, etc.) through story and invites participants to reflect on their own life story.

Collaborative – Have your own idea that you want to collaborate on? Let’s chat!